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Fendt vintage tool carriers

The production of tool carriers has played an important role for Marktoberdorf-based tractor manufacturer Fendt since the 1950s. It all started in 1953 with the Fendt F 12 GT, a tool carrier based on the F 12 small tractor.

It impressed with a new concept with a large front platform and various implements developed especially for the GT. This allowed optimal use of the three attachment compartments, front, centre and rear. Also famous was the Fendt one-man system, in which the numerous attachments and superstructures could be assembled by just one person.

Market leader in the tool carrier market

The Fendt tool carrier became a success in agriculture and was developed further and further. Thus, Fendt became the market leader in the implement carrier market, clearly ahead of Eicher, Lanz and other manufacturers.

In 1967, Fendt built the F 231 GT, the first implement carrier with high-speed transmission and a top speed of up to 30 km/h. The F 250 GT required further development in 1970, as the engine was mounted horizontally under the driver's platform for the first time, improving forward visibility. Until then, Fendt implement carriers were open or had a hood. Fixed cabs were built on the F 255 GT and F 275 GT from the mid-1970s. The suspended front axle provided even more comfort. Also new was the special grassland variant (GTF) with a shortened profile.

In the late 1970s, the first municipal variant was introduced. The new GT/GTA 300 series was introduced in 1984. With the Xylon, Fendt presented a completely new concept in 1993, where the cab was now mounted centrally between the front and rear axles. The design was similar to that of the Schlüter Eurotrac, but was ultimately unable to establish itself definitively on the market.

As of 1996, Fendt only had two suitable implement carriers in its range, the F 350 GT and the F 370 GT. As demand fell even further, Fendt finally stopped producing implement carriers altogether in 2004. The demands in agriculture simply changed and the demand for ever better performance could no longer be met.

Fendt vintage tractors on Online Classic World

Today, old Fendt tool carriers are particularly popular collector's models. Many GTs are still in use, as the platform can be used very well for woodcutting, for example. An old Fendt GT in good condition is hard to find for less than 5,000 euros these days.

On Online Classic World, used Fendt tool carriers are regularly offered for sale.