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IHC vintage tractors

IHC stands for International Harvester Company and was founded in 1902 through the merger of five US farm machinery manufacturers, including McCormick and Deering. Besides tractors, the company also built harvesters and other agricultural machinery.

History of IHC

In 1908, a German subsidiary was established in Neuss on the Rhine. This subsidiary was not only to sell US products, but mainly to manufacture its own tractors and harvesters for the German and European markets.

German factory in Neuss

The first IHC tractor from Neuss was built in 1937 on the basis of the American F12. After World War II, the Neuss plant had to be rebuilt. The first engine from Neuss was presented in 1951. Subsequently, many tractors were developed and produced in Neuss.

By 1970, more than 100,000 employees worldwide worked for IHC and more than 5,000,000 tractors had been built. With the IHC 1046, the first tractor from Neuss with more than 100 hp was presented in 1971. In 1972, IHC became number 1 in Germany for the first time, selling more tractors than any other manufacturer. IHC maintained its position as market leader in Germany for 10 years until 1982.

Merger with Case

The most legendary IHC tractor was presented in Neuss in 1981. The IHC 1455 XL with four-wheel drive, 145 hp and over 6500 cc displacement. It was built until 1996 and is still considered extremely powerful and indestructible. In 1985, IHC merged with Case to become Case-IH.

Merger with New Holland

In 1997, the Neuss plant was closed, even though it was the most profitable plant in the group at the time. Today, tractors are still built under the Case-IH brand, but the company has since merged with New Holland to form CNH (Case New Holland).

Availability and supply of spare parts

Thanks to good sales in the 1970s and 1980s, many old IHC tractors are still in use today. The supply of spare parts at affordable prices is large. For this reason, an IHC is very suitable for a beginner. Help with repairs can be found on the IHC Forum with more than 7,500 members.

IHC on Online Classic World

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