Bührer vintage tractors

Bührer tractors were built in Hinwil, Switzerland from 1929 to 1978. The company quickly grew to become the flagship of Swiss agriculture. After World War II, production was significantly increased and tractors were also exported to other countries.

Advantage through technology

The models were often ahead of the competition thanks to numerous technical developments, but the higher purchase price deterred many potential buyers. So the company was sold to Rapid in 1973 and taken over by the Mägerle family in 1979. This company still exists today and is still based in Hinwil. Thus, it offers parts and accessories as well as the repair and restoration of old Bührer tractors. So the supply of parts for old Bührer tractors is good.

A total of 22,624 Bührer tractors were built in Switzerland, of which more than 10,000 still exist today and some are still in regular use. Some have also found their way to Germany and the Netherlands.

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