HSCS vintage tractors

HSCS is the abbreviation for Hofherr Schrantz-Clayton Shuttleworth AG and is a tractor manufacturer from Austria and Hungary. The company was formed in 1911 by the merger of the Hofherr-Schrantz company from Vienna and the Clayton & Shuttleworth company from Great Britain. In addition to the factory in Vienna, further branches were founded, among others in Budapest (Hungary). HSCS mainly built glow-head tractors and crawler tractors, which were in great demand and exported to many countries.

Various business acquisitions

In Austria, HSCS was the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery. In 1938 the company was taken over by the German company LANZ from Mannheim. After the end of the Second World War, the HSCS company in Vienna was confiscated by the Soviet Union and nationalised. The factory in Brudapest was nationalised in 1948 and renamed the Red Star Tractor Factory. Glow-head tractors were still produced here until 1956. After that, the company became increasingly involved in the production of four-wheel drive tractors.

HSCS today

Today, the tractors of the Dutra series, which were often used in the GDR, are particularly well known. The production of Dutra tractors was discontinued in 1975, which also marked the end of the last chapter of the HSCS company. The company's most successful period was in any case the 1930s.

HSCS tractors on Online Classic World

Today, especially the old glow-head tractors like the GS 35 or the 30-35 are sought after. Since many HSCS tractors were exported, examples keep turning up in various countries. We regularly offer old HSCS tractors for sale.