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Hürlimann vintage tractors

The Hürlimann company was the largest tractor manufacturer in Switzerland and still exists today. The first Hürlimann tractor was built as early as 1929 and was powered by an 8 hp petrol engine from the Bernard company. Later, Hürlimann built the engines and transmissions for its tractors itself, becoming independent from other companies.

In the 1940s, customers could choose between petrol and diesel engines. When diesel and petrol became scarce during World War II, all tractors were built with wood carburettors. The Hürlimann D 100 with its 45 hp diesel engine became a bestseller from 1946 and a milestone in Hürlimann history.

The Rolls Royce among tractors

In general, Hürlimann tractors are not only considered particularly robust and powerful, but also visually very attractive. Thus, Hülimann quickly gained the reputation of being the Rolls Royce among tractors. In the past, however, only a few tractors found their way to the Netherlands, as the relatively high wages in Switzerland made the tractors too expensive for Dutch farmers.

Italian takeover

In 1979, Hürlimann was taken over by Same from Italy and still exists as a brand within the Same Deutz-Fahr group. However, the tractors are no longer built in Switzerland but in Italy.

Hürlimann tractors on Online Classic World

Nowadays, old Hürlimann tractors are very popular because they are visually attractive and the robust technology is durable. Because supply is limited in the Netherlands, Hürlimann vintage tractors are often more expensive than those from other manufacturers.

On Online Classic World, we still occasionally offer old Hürlimann tractors for sale.