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Allgaier vintage tractor  

Founded in 1906 in Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg, the company Allgaier produced simple cutting and punching tools. Another branch followed shortly afterwards with metalworking for the automotive industry. The ambitious company Allgaier moved its headquarters to Uhingen.

The history of Allgaier

After the Second World War, the demand for tractors in agriculture increases. Allgaier wanted to enter this market and has been developing tractors since 1945.

The first Allgaier tractor, named R18, was presented in 1946. It was an 18-hp tractor with a horizontal single-cylinder diesel evaporator engine in a simple hoodless design. The R22 had 4 hp more but was almost identical to the R18.

Cooperation with Porsche

Allgaier's tractor production really took off in 1949 through its collaboration with Porsche. The first Allgaier System Porsche tractor was presented to the public at the DLG exhibition in Frankfurt in 1950. The AP17 had an air-cooled two-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 17 hp and was very light due to the use of aluminum. There were also some technical features such as an electric starter, a hydraulic turbo coupling and adjustable portal axles. All this at a relatively low price.

By the end of the DLG exhibition, Allgaier is said to have already received more than 5,000 pre-orders. As the capacity in Uhingen could not cope with this, Allgaier bought a disused aircraft factory in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. Here, series production was set up on an assembly line to meet the high demand. A little later, the AP17 was also built as a narrow gauge and vineyard tractor.

More successful models

In 1950, Allgaier came second in Germany after Deutz, with a market share of over 12 per cent. The equally successful A111 and A133 models followed in 1952, with single- and three-cylinder diesel engines. In 1953, the most powerful Allgaier tractor was introduced, the A144, with 44 hp, powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine. It was mainly used by large farms.

The end of Allgaier

The A122 with a 22hp two-cylinder diesel engine was presented in 1955 and was the last Allgaier tractor. That same year, Allgaier had already withdrawn from tractor manufacturing and sold the Friedrichshafen factory to Porsche. Allgaier concentrated entirely on metalworking and mechanical engineering after 1955 and is still active in these areas. Between 1946 and 1955, more than 50,000 Allgaier tractors rolled off the production line, many of which still exist today.

Availability and supply of spare parts

Allgaier tractors are still popular and relatively expensive compared to many other manufacturers. Moreover, supply is limited due to the short production period. Nowadays, tractors with three- and four-cylinder engines are especially rare. Spare parts are still available, but they are no bargains. If you are a novice collector, it is better to choose another brand for this reason.

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