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Vierzon vintage tractors

Vierzon stands for Société Française de Vierzon (SFV) and is the French answer to the German company LANZ. Vierzon also relied for a long time on the glow-head engine with lots of displacement and only one cylinder.

However, despite many parallels with the LANZ Bulldog, Vierzon developed its tractors on its own. The first Vierzon tractor, called H1, was built from 1933 and closely resembled the German LANZ Bulldog. In the following years, many different models were presented and even combine harvesters were built from 1950 onwards.

Characteristic of Vierzon was its green paintwork. Especially in the early 1950s, many Vierzon tractors were sold, but gradually the sales figures declined.

Takeover by Case

So in 1958, the company was acquired by Case from the US and merged into Case SFCV in 1960. Since then, tractors were painted Case red. But not only the paintwork was changed, the glow-head engine was also replaced by petrol and full diesel engines from 1958. Since even this measure did not improve sales figures, production was finally stopped completely in 1964.

Vierzon tractors on Online Classic World

Today, Vierzon tractors with glow-head engines are the most sought-after in France. But some of them have also made it to the Netherlands.

On Online Classic World, Vierzon tractors are regularly offered for sale.