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Deutz vintage tractors

Deutz is the classic among tractors. Almost no other brand is as present when it comes to old tractors. Deutz has managed to be one of the leading tractor manufacturers in Germany for almost 100 years and has sold more than 1 million tractors. Deutz tractors have a very long and successful history.

Long and successful history

As early as 1927, the first mass-produced tractor with a diesel engine was introduced. Many other models were to follow. However, the Cologne-based company not only made a name for itself producing tractors and agricultural machinery, Deutz also developed into one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world.

Sale to Italian company Same

The company is still active today, even though much has changed over the years. For instance, the tractor division was moved from Cologne to Lauingen in Bavaria and sold to Italian manufacturer Same. Throughout the period, more than 1 million Deutz tractors were produced, many of which still exist today, as Deutz has always focused on quality.

Pre-war models

Very rare today are pre-war water-cooled tractors in particular. Finding an affordable tractor from this period is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Legendary is the 11hp F1M414, which replaced the horse as a tractor on many farms in Germany from 1936 onwards and is therefore also called a farmer's tractor.

Deutz D series

From 1950, Deutz revolutionised the tractor market with its air-cooled diesel engines, which were robust and easy to maintain. The D series in the 1960s and the D-06 series in the 1970s were the bestsellers.

With the Intrac series, Deutz introduced a new concept with three cabs. The cab was mounted on the front axle of these tractors. Newer Deutz tractors, such as the DX series from the 1980s, are also slowly becoming interesting as classics.

Spare parts availability and delivery

A D25 or D30 is often recommended as an ideal entry into the classic car world. These models are still readily available and, depending on their condition, can be bought for as little as 1,500 euros.

Besides the purchase price, it is also important to have a good stock of spare parts, otherwise things can quickly become very expensive and beginners in particular can quickly lose interest.

Old Deutz tractors generally have a good stock of spare parts; in some cases original parts are still available or common parts have been reproduced. On the internet, you can get plenty of help with repairs, for example on the Deutz forum with more than 20,000 members.

Deutz vintage tractors on Online Classic World

At Online Classic World, Deutz is something like the house brand, as our platform originated from the Deutz parts market in 2009. We always have more than 200 old Deutz on offer, from the old Wasserdeutz to the DX series.

We have also had very rare ones for sale, such as a four-wheel drive D9005 in original condition, an MTZ 120 with iron wheels or a restored D16006. With us you will find the right Deutz tractor, cheap and in good condition near your location!