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Holder vintage tractors

Holder is one of the few tractor manufacturers from Germany that still exists today. Today, Holder no longer produces classic tractors for agriculture, but has specialised in municipal vehicles and vineyard tractors.

The history of Holder

From crop protection sprayer to tractor

It all started in 1888 when the Holder brothers founded a machine shop in Urach in Baden-Württemberg. The young company developed the world's first self-acting crop protection sprayer. In 1902, the company's headquarters were moved to Metzingen, a move that has not changed since.

Specialising in the production of crop protection sprayers and tillers

In 1930, Holder's first tractor was presented, a single-axle tractor with an output of 6 hp. After a slow start, sales picked up and more Holder single-axle tractors followed. The first four-wheel tractor marked B 10 was built from 1953. The highly manoeuvrable small tractor was powered by a single-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 10 hp. It was mainly used on small farms and in wine and fruit growing.

The A 10, a tractor with four-wheel drive and articulated steering, followed a year later. The A 10 was very robust, manoeuvrable and powerful. From 1957, the four-wheel tractor B 12 was built, which was completely redesigned compared to the B 10 and had a slightly higher power output of 12 hp.

The 50,000th tractor

The Holder tractors sold well, and in 1959 the 50,000th tractor was built. In the following years, development continued mainly and tractors were fitted with higher engine power.

Holder ceased production of the regular four-wheel B 12 tractor in 1967. Sales of the articulated tractors also declined, so production was reduced. Since 1989, Holder no longer builds its own engines, instead using engines from other manufacturers. Following bankruptcy, the company is now run by new management.

Availability and supply of spare parts

At vintage tractor gatherings today, you mainly see the Holder B 10 and B 12, but also the articulated tractor A 10. The old Holder tractors are very popular because they are very compact and require little space.

The supply of spare parts is good and affordable. If you have questions or problems with a repair, you can get help on the Holder forum. Prices for an old Holder tractor are relatively low, starting from 2,000 euros.

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