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Güldner G40 vintage tractor

The Güldner G40 was introduced in 1962 with the launch of the G Series as the G40 Toledo. The G40 Toledo is powered by the air-cooled three-cylinder 3L79 diesel engine with a displacement of 2,356 cc and an output of 36 hp, also from Güldner.

Built by ZF, the gearbox has eight forward and four reverse gears, divided into three groups. Top speed was 18 km/h in the normal version and 27 km/h as a high-speed version (G40 S).

The end of the Toledo

Just one year later, in 1963, the G40 was already being revised. The additional Toledo name disappeared and power was increased to 38 hp. Top speed increased to 20 km/h in the normal version and to 30 km/h as a high-speed version. Moreover, the Güldner G40 was now also available with four-wheel drive as the G40 A, which significantly improved towing capacity.

From 1965, the G40 was also offered as a narrow gauge tractor under the designation G40 W. At just 1106 mm wide, this tractor was considerably narrower than the normal G40 (1580 mm). The Güldner G40 was very popular with farmers and was sold a total of more than 9,000 times in its various versions until 1969.

Availability and market prices

Today, there are still numerous tractors in regular use. Depending on the model and condition, prices start at 2,500. Significantly higher amounts are paid for tractors with four-wheel drive and fast transmission (G40 AS).

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