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Bautz AS 120 / AW 120 vintage tractors

Built from 1951 to 1959, the Bautz AS 120 was Bautz's first self-developed tractor. It was powered by two-cylinder MWM diesel engines with a displacement of 1250 cc.

Until 1952, the MWM KD-11 Z rated at 12 hp was used and from 1952 the MWM KD-211 Z rated at 14 hp. The gearbox was built by Bautz himself and had 4 forward and 1 reverse gears. From 1954, an additional forward gear was added. The top speed of the tractor was 19 km/h.

In 1956, the AS 120 was renamed AW 120, but it remained technically and visually unchanged. In its eight years of production, the AS/AW 120 was built more than 11,000 times, a remarkable result for a smaller manufacturer like Bautz. This also makes it the most successful Bautz tractor ever built.

Vintage Bautz tractors on Online Classic World

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