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Hatz vintage tractors

The Hatz engine factory in Ruhstorf an der Rott in Lower Bavaria developed the first internal combustion engine as early as 1906 and the first glow-head engine in 1910. After World War I, Hatz engines were in high demand and so began the company's revival. Even the difficult new start after World War II was overcome, and from 1948 Hatz diesel engines were built again.

Tractors as a second mainstay

As a second mainstay alongside engines, Hatz tractors were also built from 1954 onwards. However, the emphasis was deliberately kept on engine construction. Hatz started with four models with 13, 16, 26 and 32 hp, which were of course powered by a water-cooled Hatz diesel engine.

The transmission was built by ZF of Hurth. Just two years later, the models were replaced by tractors with air-cooled diesel engines. However, sales figures were good only for the small tractors; the more powerful Hatz tractors sold poorly.

As the market for small tractors was getting smaller and smaller, Hatz stopped producing tractors completely in 1964 and concentrated entirely on engine production. With success, as up to 60,000 diesel engines were built each year and installed in various agricultural and construction machines. The Hatz engine plant in Ruhstorf an der Rott still exists today and is best known for its light and robust small diesel engines.

Availability and supply of spare parts

Of the 7,201 Hatz tractors built, many have survived to this day. Tractors with two- and three-cylinder engines are especially rare and expensive today. The supply of spare parts is often very difficult, as not all parts are available anymore.

Beginners are therefore better off choosing another brand. Help with repairs and questions can be found on the Hatz Forum, where more than 800 members have already joined.

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