Lincoln Continental Mark V

Lincoln Continental Mark V

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The giant Lincoln Continental Mark V is a true flagship on all fronts.

The pure American Lincoln Continental Mark V is an imposing coupé with an impressive length of 5.85 metres and width of 2.02 metres. As a first owner, you can equip the vehicle with extra luxury, allowing you to consider it a true flagship, with exceptional handling.

The 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V is known as one of the most luxurious and impressive American cars of its time. It represented the best Ford had to offer at the time. In 1979, this car closed an era and signalled the potential of the car brand.

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Further development of the Lincoln Continental Mark IV

As a further development of the Mark IV, the Mark V possessed the same features such as the retractable headlights and "opera windows", but with a slightly tighter design. Despite the fact that its successors became smaller and less powerful, the Mark V continues to earn a respectable place among the elite of American cars.

6.6 litres and 2.2 tonnes

The engineering of the Lincoln Continental Mark V remained largely unchanged, except that the 7.5-litre V8 engine was replaced by a smaller 6.6-litre variant. Weighing 2.2 tonnes, not too much speed should be expected. Those not content with that are best advised to avoid the heavier engine, but have to accept higher fuel consumption in return. If LPG fuel is chosen, it is advisable to replace the shock absorbers with Hi-jackers for better level control. The spacious boot provides ample space for the fuel tank.

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Designer Series

The Lincoln Continental Mark V is pleasing to the eye and offers many luxury features and extras that can customise the car to the buyer's taste. Examples of these options include central locking, cruise control, electric lumbar adjustment, a garage door opener and more.

In addition, the manufacturer offered specially curated packages, such as the Luxury Group, and collaborations with top designers, such as Bill Blass, Cartier, Givenchy and Pucci. These resulted in the Designer Series.

In honour of Ford's 75th anniversary, Lincoln launched the highly equipped Diamond Jubilee Edition in 1978, and a year later the Mark V concluded with the exclusive Collector's Series.

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Luxury features and extras

The luxury features and extras of the Lincoln Mark V are a dream for car enthusiasts and can increase the car's value. But, it is important to remember that all those extras can also be fragile and repairs are not always cheap. So, check all factory options before making a decision. The electrical circuit and functions that run on vacuum are the biggest threat to the car. But, the powertrain and chassis are strong and can take a beating if you drive carefully. Fortunately, rust does not affect the car, despite the heavy vehicle mass the chassis has to torque.

Buying a Lincoln Continental Mark V

There are plenty of choices in our country if you are looking for a Mark V, and you don't have to dig much deeper into your wallet than if you are looking for a good one in the US, transport costs included. However, if your dream car is on the other side of the ocean, enlist the help of a Dutch specialist and have an on-site inspection carried out. Unfortunately, there are many cars in America that are nothing more than polished pulp, let alone the cases where eager buyers never got to see their money.

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Driving pleasure in the Lincoln Continental Mark V

The Lincoln Mark V is not easy to put together. It often takes patience to fathom the many features and trinkets on board. It is better to spend a bit more for a healthy one when buying, as it saves money in the long run.

If you get your hands on a vital and undamaged Mark V, it offers a majestic driving experience with grandiose comfort. However, this soft-suspension car is not suitable for rallies, but ideal for cruising along the boulevard.

The Lincoln Mark V has the classic look and charm of older American cars and manages to attract attention wherever it appears.

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